First part, The Dao of Baguazhang is about the truth of life.

Every human body consists of three parts: Physical part, mental part, and spiritural part. When we say a person/s body, it usually relates to physical body, but that is not proper. We have mental body, and spiritural body!  When we think about life, in fact, it is a kind of life in which three bodies mix together.

Living a good life for a person means  that person has to have all the three good bodies to be good.

It is easy to understand a good physical body.  A good physical body should be healthy, powerful, should have good fitness, good appearence, good ability ……

 What kind of way or practice do you have can ensure you having a good physical body in your whole life ?  Especially when you are aged?

Baguazhang is a practical way to not only change you to be healthy, powerful, to have good fitness, good appearence, good abilities, …..  but also maintains it in all your life, even in very old age.

This is very high level wisdom, this wisdom came from ancient sages!  Modern civilization has not reached this high level yet, this is what I mean the Dao of Baguazhang.

Baguazhang is so applicable that any one thourgh practice the physical body is like putting seads into the ground, it  guarantes the physical body can be rebuilt up and be changed!

With this wisdom each one is ensured to  maintain a healthy, powerful, enjoyable, comfortable physical body for the whole life regardless even  old age.

Not with this wisdom, no matter what way you have when you turn to be 50 years old, each day you know it is vanishing, you are getting old. That is why when I was 51, I started to realize I was not with the Dao of Baguazhang.  Now I tell you I got the Dao of Baguazhang means each day I am not vanishing, I am not getting old, I am even getting younger, especially the power and  abilities I have tained in last 30 or 40 years is even growing.

This is the wisdom to extend human life and age. I mat Liu Wan Chuan only one time, the most important teaching from him is that  Ma Gui Baguazhang can make me live 10 or 20 years longer.

With this wisdom, the worldwide healthy problems. such as weakness, all kinds of back pain, knee problems and pain, low immune function……  could be swept away easily!  All kinds of inside problems, such as heart problem, lung problem, stomatch problem could be swept away easily. 

It is not easy to understand a good mental body and describe it in words.

First of all, we might have a wrong idea that the emotional, mental state, such as desire, passion, wishes, hope, happiness, fear, anger, hatred, etc,…..   is just empty, not material.  That is not true!   All that kinds of emotional or mental feeling are from the mental body, the mental body is as true and material as the physical body. It is difficult to measure it as we can measure physical body, but it is measurable,  comparable!

Like we clearly know the physical body mainly consist of arms, legs, torsos, inside organs, head with brain…, so we can easily find out whether a part is good or not,  then we can try to make it better.

In the same way we should think about the mental body!  How does the mental body look like?  How many parts does the mental body consist of? 

 If we know how it looks like,  we could know the difference between each one,  then we could find out ways to make it better, then it results in life changing!

If we do not know it, we could only feel and follow all kinds of emotion changing each moment, nothing we could deal with it.

Through Baguazhang learning and training, you could gradually know how the mental body looks like, and how many parts it consists of, thus  you could cultivate it to be better and better!

Also please know that the quality of the mental body is even more important than the quality of the physical body. The quality of physicak body can ensure a good physical life, such as healthy, powerful, ….., but only the quality of the mental body could ensure your successful life, only the mental body could make you know the true meaning of life!

This wisdom came from an ancient sage, he was called Gui Gu Zi. If you know Asian culture and philosophy, he was thought as great as Lao Zi, Dao De JIng writer, as great as the Conficus Kong Zi.  Gui Gu Zi/s teaching on pearching into people/s heart has no compat in thousand years, his teaching on improving human mental body was the origion and foundation of Baguazhang.

With daily practice from this wisdom,  each one could live a life not only physically healthy, enjoyable, comfortable, powerful, confident,  but also meaningful, successful, unregreatful, mentally satisfied.

The hightest layer of human body, Spiritual body.

It is impossible for me to write about it. In general, spiritural body is everlasting, eternal, it is an expression of Dao, core belief of religon,  especially in Buddism beliving system, that is hightest state understanding.

The wisdom we have in Baguazhang on understanding the spiritural body  came from Zen Buddism Master Bodhidharma.  Let me interpret it.

In order to know your spiritural body, you have to ensure you have both a clean physical body and a pure mental body.  No one has been born perfectly, both our physical and mental body have been difled or not clean and pure , that is why living this life has always so much suffering and despreating, also it means the true spiritural body  has been blocked by the unclean and unpure physical and mental bodies, thus at this layer no one could truely know the spiritural body.

 As everyone is not perfect, either physical or mental, or both of them, how can we find out a way to have a perfect physical body and a perfect mental body?

The answer is here! 

Physical body has to be rebuild up through a kind of practice called Tendon Changing , this kind of practice came directly from Bodhidharma, a sage lived 1500  years ago. That is one.

Mental body has to fullfill its true meaning, it means you have to go through all your desires, you have to fullfill all your obligation, you have to be totally successful at your true desire. The best way to reach this is the teaching from Gui Gu Zi, a sage lived 2500 years ago. That is two.

Both the two united together and formed a kind of practice is what here we are promoting now, it is Baguazhang.  Baguazhang is a way to change your physical body to be perfect, a way to life up your mental body to be successful, perfect.


Here the word Perfect means the result of the practice through Baguazhang: 

First achiement: totally kick out all your disease, sickness, all the healthy problems with your physical body.  Pay attention here, all healthy problems! 

Second achiement: Kick out the weakness of your body, such as easy to be sick or get cold, easy to be tired, easy to be depressed……..  

Third achiement: To be really healthy. It means you are active, full of desire, full of good appitite, enjoy your life, start to have all kinds of wellness, goodness, luckiness……..

Fourth achiement: To be really powerful. If the way you start to do is martial art, your ability as a warrior or martial artist is super amazing, the power you have surpress all around you in your generation!

Here the word Successful means you get what you truely want.

Baguazhang probably has been only one way, if not only one, Baguazhang has been the best and top way to teach human beings to cultivate the mental body,  such as mind, spirit, emotion and desire…… to ensure a person to reach the goal and become successful, as I mentioned above, this wisdom came from ancient sage, his name is Gui Gu Zi. 

                                                                                                                         Gp To The Dao of Martial Art


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