The Origin of Ma Gui Bagua Zhang.

Bagua Zhang is one of the most valuable living traditions from ancient China. The root or the origin of this living practice were based on ancient Buddism, Daoism, and ancient philosophies. It has constantly survived over at least 2500 years, and it first time became known around 160 years ago through a great martial art saints named Dong Hai Chuan.

From this great martial art Saints Dong Hai Chuan came out a great master of this practice named Ma Gui, and from Ma Gui we thus now have this inheritance. Below is how this great practice or art has been preserved during this about 160 years.

First Generation Learn about the first person who reveled and brought Bagua Zhang into the world.  

Second Generation Read the story of Ma Gui

3rd Generation Read the stories of Li Shao An, Liu Qing Fu, Liu Wan Chuan

4th Generation Read stories of modern teachers

5th Generation Read the story of Li Bao Hua


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