Then it is the palm changes, we do not say fist as the plam is much more powerful and convenient than the fist in martial art.

We need to learn and practice the  Eight mother palms from the way of dragon circle walking as the frame or foundation, while we also at the same time start to learn and practice some basic palms or basic baguazhang techniques.

The Eight mother palms from the Dragon circle walking are :

单换掌, 双换掌,顺势掌,三穿掌或者连环掌,摇身掌,磨身掌,回身掌,转身掌

 Single Changing Palm, Double Changing Palm, Following Palm, Triple piercing Palm or linking palm change , waving body Palm, Turnning body in place palm, Returning body Palm, Spinning body Palm.


The basic palms or technigues:



The Eight mother palms are the way how Baguazhang is trained in general, through learning and training it, you can start to understand the principles, strategy, as well practicl way.

The basic palms are the most effective techniques being used in the Eight mother palms and other movements. The basic palms need to be trained well so that you could have great ability to do highter level movements and apply highter level principles and stratgy.

The verbal transaltion of the names  of the Eight mother palms and basic palms from Chinese charaaters mostly could not carry the meaning of the movements, so I will start to use Chinese pronouncation to represent the movements, then you can start to understand the meaning through my detailed explanation and your own training, some verbal translation really could carry the mening of the movements, and also carry the mening of Chinese characters, I will use the translation.

My transaltion and explaination of names of the movements will be gradually uploaded here and my facebook page.


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