Third part,  the Dao of Baguazhang is The Body Art.

 As human beings, the physical body wants eating, want sex, as it is the nature of the body, it is from Dao; the mental body wants success, honour, praise, as it is the nature of the body too, it is also from Dao. 

We also want good appearance, good shape, good ability, it means we want to be artist, we want beauty!  The hightest level art is the art of the body, the amazing beauty is the beauty created by your own body.

Baguazhang is a kind of Body Art! The postures, movements mostly are from the nature, modeling movements from the nature, from animals, thus it bring the beauty of the nature to your own body, each day you are generating beauty and performancing  your beauty thourgh practice.

That is how we do in Baguazhang training, please feel the beauty below in words.

When we change postures, the changing should be as fluent as water moving; when we move, the movements should be as peaceful as cloud moving.

When we breath,  like the breathing of a turtle;  the character in practice is like it of a white crane.


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