The most important training  is to walk a circle while holding a fixed posture! The posture we hold in walking could be different,  there are Eight different ways of Circle walking.

Dragon walking, Bear walking, Lion walking, Crab walking, Eagle walking,
Single-hook walking, Reaching towards the heaven and earth walking, Yin Yang
fish walking.

The most important circle walking among the Eight is the Dragon circle walking, as it was traditionally taught by Dong Hai Chuan. 

For beginners, there is no need to learn all the Eight different circle walking, just to start and cultivate at the dragon walking for couple years, then based on your own body situation you can start to add more ways in walking.

Remember that Baguazhang is the Dao or the way to change both your physical and mental body to be perfect and successful, Circle walking is the practical way to get it.


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