After years around, you can start to learn and train other ways of circle walking and Eight mother palms. This learning would have to be individual!  Based on your own achiement and situation, you should choose the way which best fits for you. It means through year around training to find out your weakness which need to be tranied and changed, then choose the best way to train and change the weakness, such as the way of bear could greatly change your low back weakness, the way of lion change your neck and upper back wekness, ………

The way of bear walking and its Eight mother palms

 Rolling over the body  Palm, Swimming body Palm, Behind the body
Palm, Returning body Palm, Pressing body Palm, Crossing hands Palm, Double
separating punch Palm, Shoulder strike Palm。

The way of Lion and its mother palms.  

Lion holding the ball Palm,  Lion rolling over when holding the ball Palm, Lion rolling the ball Palm, Lion catching the ball Palm, Lion throwing the ball Palm, Lion throwing over the ball Palm, Dancing lion Palm, Lion rolling a big ball Palm.

The way of Eagle and its eight mother palms.  Eight forceful Situation

Eagle rides the wind,  Eagle circles to change direction, Eagle

tilts in the wind, Eagle spirit grabs the rabbit, Eagle pierces the
heavens, Eagle grabs a fish, Eagle circles to four directions, Eagle wheels to
four directions.

The way of Crab and its Eight mother palms.Linking Ramming Eight Mother Palms of the Crab

 Boday separation Ramming Palm, Return back ramming Palm, Retreat
Ramming Palm, Linking left and right Ramming Palm, Following Ramming
Palm,  Front and rear linking Ramming Palm, Five element linking Palm, Linked hard Ramming palm.

The way of single hook posture and its Eight mother palms.

Single Hook changing posture, Double Hook Changing
Posture, Cloud waving hook changing
posture, Hook Pulling and leading posture, Hook slicing  and smashing  posture, Hook in Golden cock and Monkey shape Posture, Hook dotting and reaching Posture, Single Hook turning in four direction Posture.


The way of Yin -Yang Fish figure and its Eight mother palms.

 Changeover design Figure, Double changeover design Figure, Spiraling design Figure, Flowing Figure, Cloud wave Figure, Folding Figure.

Eight Postures of the Point to the sky and plunge into the earth

PS. The eight different movements and postures have not been taught
through our grand master Liu WanChuan. We could invent some other movements, but honestly we do not want to put something else into our Ma Gui Bagua systems.



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