Basic Function of MaGui Bagua 

It is very hard to describe the function of this Baguazhang directly passed down from Dong Hai Chuan to Ma Gui, then to Li Shao An and Liu Wan Chuan. I have spent almost 40  years devoting my life for it. The way for me to get it was a long and hard journey,  I know no one in the world has trained as hard as I have trained, no one has devoted as much as I have devoted,  I strongly believe it is my destiney, this kind of fate drove me through all kinds of teaching, understanding, and all kinds of people!

Luckily enough my life was put on Baguazhang, unfortunately I wasted too much of my life following not qualified teachers, or even evil teacher and wandering and losing in all kinds of trails.

The Confucius said a person could only understand his destiny when his or her age reachs 50, but I totally lost in understanding my own destiney after I reached that age. I believed I had learned all the best Bagua and this tradition, also I had really put my life to fullfill this learning and understanding through the devotion of my best age from 18 to 51 in life.  when my age turned to be  51,   my concience started to tell me I had not got the Dao of Baguazhang.

About 5 years ago, when I was 51, I clearly awared that to keep training even harder than before to go to my destiney is my destiney! The denstiney was to keep training until the last day of my life without getting the Dao of Baguazhnag, the destiney of a sacrifice to Baguazhang which I have believed the whole life. Or the destiny was to keep training to get the Dao of Baguazhang.

When I was 54 or 55 around, my concience started to tell me I had got the Dao of Baguazhang!

That is why I say it is difficult to describe the function or the benefit of Baguazhang, as I really want to share the Dao of Baguazhang with everyone!

Follow me and let me tell you what is the Dao of Baguazhang.

kind of The Dao of human life.

Human body consists of three parts: Physical body, mental body, and spiritural body. So we have a kind of life in which three kinds of bodies mix together. Any one wants to live a good life means any one has to have all the good three. 

 It is easy to understand a good physical body.  Our bodies should be healthy, powerful, should have good fitness, good appearence, good abilities ……

What kind of knowledge, what kind of practice, what kind of life style, or in general what kind of way do you have to ensure you a healthy physical body?  Even you have it, as aging, how can you maintain it.

Baguazhang has this wisdom, Baguazhang is a practical way to not only change you to be healthy, powerful, to have good fitness, good appearence, good abilities, …..  but also maintain this good states all the life even you are in very old age.

This wisdom came from ancient sages!  Modern civilization has not reached so high level yet, so this is what I mean the Dao of Baguazhang.

This wisdom is so applicable that any one gets it and puts into practice is like putting seads into the ground, then it would guarantes the physical body can be changed like bebuilding up!

With this wisdom each one is ensured to  maintain a healthy, powerful, enjoyable, comfortable physical body for the whole life regardless even very old age.

Not with this wisdom, no matter what way you have when you turn to be 50 years old, each day you know it is vanishing, you are going old. That is why when I was 51, I started to realize I was not with the Dao of Baguazhang.  Now I tell you I got the Dao of Baguazhang means each day I am not vanishing, I am not getting old, I am even getting younger, especially the power and  abilities I have tained in last 30 or 40 years is even growing.

This is the wisdom to extend human life and age. I mat Liu Wan Chuan only one time, the most important teaching from him is that he told me Ma Gui Baguazhang can make me live 10 or 20 years longer.

With this wisdom, the worldwide healthy problems. such as weakness, all kinds of back pain, knee problems and pain, low immune function……  could be swept away easily!  All kinds of inside problems, such as heart problem, lung problem, stomatch problem could be swept away easily. 

With this wisdom, each person/s body could be changed to be better, thus the world could be much better!

The invisible mental body is not easy to understand.

Like we clearly know the physical body mainly consist of arms, legs, torsos, inside organs, head with brain…, so we can easily find out which part is not good,  then we can learn ways to train to make it better. Please in the same way to think about how many parts the mental body consist of.

Do you know how mental body looks like, and how many parts inside to form a perfect mental body? If you do not know, how can you find out what or where you should cultivate to make it better? 

The Dao of Baguazhang  can can teach you and gradually through training you could know how it looks like, and how many parts the mental body consists of,  then you can train each part of it  as you train your arms or legs to make it better and reach its perfect state.

This wisdom came from ancient sages! 

With this wisdom into practice,  each one could live a life not only physically healthy, enjoyable, comfortable, powerful, confident,  but also meaningful, successful, unregreatful, mentally satisfied.

Spiritual body:

The last concern for human beings is the spiritural body.  This  is the hightest level understanding, hightest level knowledge for human beings, in general we have to go thorugh the two low layer physical and mental layer, then it is possible to really understand the true spiritural body.

The Dao of  martial art.


This ancient wisdom teachs us that the true health is the true martaial art.

The true martaial art is the true health.



Heavy and profound internal power training and special martial art

Through the circle-walking practice, the body becomes rooted and firm and the qi and breathing become very stable. As heavy and strong as a lion crouching and ready, and as rooted as a great tree. The tendon and bone become coiled and united together, and the internal qi and blood circulation become full and powerful. This method of bagua is truly a way to achieve real internal power and martial skill. Through the circle walking and practicing of the palms we train special fighting methods, such as using body structure and different angles to attack, and an evasive circular step to attack and defend. Attacking can be done at unexpected and indefensible angles, using the methods of drawing close to, drawing power from, crowding, leaning on and taking advantage of the opponent. Contracting, using small movements and softness to encoil the opponent, uses subtle power to overcome the opponent. From the above principles a subtle and unique fighting system has been developed.

The Art of Body



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Exquisite body movements, body structure and spiritual fulfilment.

In our training we primarily concentrate on body structure and  step movements. Every movement comes out of this basic principle, and after training for a period of time every posture has the stability and stillness of a sculpture. The movements can be done in any direction on the horizontal and vertical planes, linking together so that the end of one movement becomes the beginning of the next, so that the end and the beginning are united and cooperative. A feeling of limitless expression can be felt  throughout ones practice.

Movements are light, simple and clear with the step movements always either hooking  inward or  outward. Within the basic structure the body can move freely  and the spirit feels active.  Within the soft and slow movements lies a hard and strong power, within the free movements lies an artistic and expressive quality. The result is a beautiful art that combines martial arts movements with spiritual expression.

philosophies and Profound cultural tradition

Ma Gui Bagua is a method of promoting health, martial arts, physical culture, and art. But to speak in broader terms, bagua is the culmination of thousands of years of Chinese culture and tradition. It is a cultivation of the human spirit, a practical philosophy, an integrative intelligence – it is a way of life.

If you begin to practice bagua, you can develop the same kind of
understanding as is described above.

 5)Perfect Life Experience   

For those of you who love your life and health, you should protect and
take care of them. The best way to take care of your life and health is Bagua.

For those who love art, the body can express the highest level of art
through movement. Bagua is the culmination of thousands of years of physical

For those who love the martial arts, Bagua is as limitless as the sky and
as deep as the sea. Once you begin learning Bagua you will never want to stop,
never be able to give it up.

For those who want to  live a satisfying life, you cannot find
anything better than Bagua, with Bagua you can sail through life like a
pegasus  flying across the sky.

For those who  want to really experience and understand life, Bagua
is the culmination of thousands of years of Chinese philosophy and culture.


Bagua has so many possibilities and so many
different aspects, if you choose to learn and practice Bagua it will become the
most precious thing in your life.

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