This is the ancient wisdom which has been transfered thousand generations, this wisdom came from ancient sages, it has benefitted thousand generations, luckily enough it is still alive with us.

We strongly feel we are obligated to preserve it,  so we are dedicated now to spread it worldwidely!


This wisdom is the combination of the Daoism teaching,  buddism teaching, confuciusnism teaching, it is very high level understanding to reach the truth of life!   Based on the true understanding, it is in a very practical way to reach the hightest level health! Based on the hightest practice on health, it is in a way to reach hightest level martial art!

This is the way to life long health,  not just temporarily muscle building, fitness, body practice…..

This is the way to longivity,  people can extend life and age,  not just movements, ideas, principles, philosophies which might result in nothing or even unhealth,  suffering, or shorten life.

 This is the way to confidence through martial art. This kind martial art is the best of the best martiual arts!

This is the way to satisfication through body movements. This kind of body movement is the best of the best body movements.


All the ways have been combined into one way, it is the way of circle walking,  it is called Baguazhang!

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