In Baguazhang, we have a perfect system for training. Regard to how to train,  we have hundred and even thousand movements,  for martial art training, for health promoting, for beauty and performance, for goodness and wellness,……….

We are pround of the great system in which it contains almost all martial art movements in the world.  All the profound  and rich martial art meaning movements and postures have been put into a system is an amazing tradition.

Bagua basicly means Eight diagram, a very ancient Chinese philosophy, has been used to form a body movement system, so the Number Eight always can be found to direct our training and organize movements and postures.

Ma Gui Baguazhang has a perfect training system directly passed down to us from The first Baguazhang Master Dong Hai Chuan, in general, it consists of this several parts. 

First of all,   it is the Eight ways of circle walking. 

Second, it is the basic palms and Eight mother palms of the Dragon. 

Third, it is the different ways of  other  Eight mother palms. 

Fourth, it is the Routines.

Fifth, It is the Weapons.

Sixth, it is the Pair- practice.


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