Fivth part, goodness and wellness.

Here I have to state out the ancient wisdom on life.  Goodness and wellness.

 As we say perfect physical body and successful mental body, that is the goal we want to reach, that is still only part of the meaning of life, mainly meaning of life is goodness and wellness.

Different culture might have different favour on goodness and wellness, in general the goodness and wellness is the enjoyment of perfect physical body and successful mental body.  No matter how healthy, powerful, beautiful, amazing the physical body is, no matter how successful the mental body reachs, the goodness and wellness are more meaningful than that!

You should enjoy each day, each meal, each breath, each good eyesight, each good small……., you should be enjoyable, comfortable, satisfied, interested in each moment  ……. All that are goodness and wellness.

Daily Baguazhang training brings all that with you, daily Baguazhang training makes each day meaningful, enjoyable, comfortable, satisfied, ….. ….    


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