Second part, The Dao of Baguazhang is the Dao of martial art.

There are hundreds different martial arts in the world, it is difficult to say what is good martial art, what is not good, even more difficult to say what is the Dao of Martial art.

 Let me inteprate this in Baguazhang.

 Through liftting weight, hitting sand bag, ramming wood pole, etc  people gain strength and power, build up strong muscles, based on this strength and power with skills, strategy, tactics,,,, in general this kind of martial art bases on muscle and strength, fighting like cow, like dog. This is the first level martial art!

Through tendon streching, tendon training, the power people gain is much sharp, flexible, quick, based on the power from the tendons with skills, strategy, the fighting somehow is like monkey, snake. This is the second level martial art, surely the second level is highter and better than the first level.

 Through whole body training together with a united body structure, people could use what we call the whole body power, with skills, tactics, this is a kind of martial art, fighting like wild animals. This is the third leavel martial art! Surely the third level is much highter than the second and first level.

In fact, Chinese martial art history shows clearly that the first level martial art reached its hightest level in 3000 years ago and lasted for several generations, then it was totally defeated by the second level martial art, and the first level disappeared, or even not, it would have had  added the second level principles and training,   and less and less to promote the power from the muscles.

The second level martial art reached its hightest state about 2500 years ago and surely was defeated by the third level martial art, and it went to the same fate like the first level martial art.

The third level martial art reached its stage about 2000 years ago in China and ever since it has lasted until now.

You might think, oh great, the third level martial art is the hightest level, if a person reached this level, that person would get the higtest martial art power and ability.

The whole body power, great structure with amazing skills as well as  great strategy, this great martial art was totally defeated by a highter level martial art also soon.

What is the highter level martial art?

Whatever power from muscles, tendons, borns, whatever movements, skills, even strategy the body uses,  are all from that person/s Qi and blood. If one can destroy  a person/s Qi or blood, that person would lose all the abilities. This martial art is called internal martial art, through internal training people gain more and stronger Qi and blood, and use this internal power from Qi and Blood to defeat other person.

 This kind of martial art has existed for about 2000 years in China!

You might also think this is the hightest level martial art!

The truth is that It was also defeated by another super highter level martial art!

What is the super highter level martial art?

 Even your internal power, all your abilities, your Qi and Blood are from or we say are with your spirit, the spirit is hightest level layer of life, hightest state of life, if a person/s spirit is destroyed, that person would lose all power and abilities, even Qi and blood. Based on this understanding, in China appeared a kind of martaial art also called internal martial art, this martaial art is what we call super internal martial art.

Baguazhang is this kind of martial art!  The main training after seting up a solid foundation in Baguazhang is the training of the Qi, Blood and the Spirit.

This martial art is the hightest level martial art, as it is the hightest level understanding of the body and life, people/s martial art level could not reach highter level than people/s body or life.

Now you can see what I talk about the Dao of life and the Dao of martial art are the same thing or the same Dao.

One of the most important philosophy or law of the trainig in Baguazhang is that the way reaching the hightest level martial art is through reaching the hightest level health or life, so the martial art level understanding  is based on your health or life understanding, or we say is from your health and life understanding.

In the same way to re- think about what I talked above on the Dao of life, the true health or true hight level life is based on your martial art level or ability, any kinds of practice you devote in should make you powerful even not martial art training. If you devoted in any kinds of practice for years, but you are still not powerfull, still weak, still not super healthy, you should realize you are not with the Dao!

 How amazing is it  Baguazhang!

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