Now we come to Bagua weapons.

Bagua has its own unique weaponry that surpasses the normal level of ancient weapons. They represent the culmination of several thousand years of  Chinese martial arts development. Before modern weaponry, it represented the highest level of intelligence in terms of weaponry. The methods for using the weapons have been hidden within the Bagua palms, which have  been hidden within the circle-walking. Through the circle walking and special instruction the skills for using the weapons can be achieved.

There are four basic types of Bagua weapon, and each weapon is based on an aspect of Bagua circle-walking. These four weapons are unique to the Bagua  style and can only be trained through the circle-walking. The movements for the weapons are exactly the same as the Bagua palm they relate to. 

The deer horn dagger,

The Bagua broadsword,

The Bagua calligraphy brush,

The seven-star stick.

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